Welcome to locwize.

My name is Radek Podolski [CV ProZ LinkedIn]. I have been working in localization since 1997. I run an EN > PL SLV called QIQO from 2004 to 2008, and now am back to freelancing as locwize. Our team is more experienced than ever, and we are ready to prove it. 


People are our most valuable asset.

I had a busy four years @ Apple, but members of the old QIQO team have been idle either. By now some of them have as many as fifteen years in the business. They know the industry's ins and outs andhave the skills to turn that knowledge to practice, to our clients' advantage. We are always on the lookout for new, promising localizers, remembering that growing capacities must not mean diminishing service quality, and mastering the target language is the real key to success in translation.


Man and Machine. And Software.

We are proficient in many of the industry-standard tools. SDLX/SDL Trados, Wordfast PRO, Idiom WS Desktop Workbench, IBM Translation Workbench, Intel International Developers Studio, ForeignDesk, Passolo, Catalyst, MS Localization Studio and Microsoft Helium are just a few. More information regarding tools and engineering tasks are available on request.