Are you looking for reliable Polish translation agency, but are concerned that a small vendor will compromise your projects?

Look no further, we are here to provide high-quality English to Polish translation and localization services. You will be glad to hear that the core of our team are linguists with over 10 years of experience. We are prepared to work a wide variety of projects, using industry-standard or our clients' propierary tools. Pick a section below to check out some of our past projects and other content-specific information.



 Website Translation

Software Localization

OS X and iOS Apps Localization

Monolingual websites do not have a place in the global market anymore. In the recent years Poland enjoyed good macroeconomic results, and steady increase in purchasing power. We can help you bring your products and services to  Poland. With 24 million[1] internet users (more than Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia combined) its is not a market to give up on.


Our experienced software localizers are at your service. In the past we have worked on numerous ERP/CRM and general software l10n projects for some of the world's top companies: Microsoft, Google, Oracle, HP, AVG and others. We are able to use both industry-standard and proprietory tools, and work with whatever form of localizable content suits your products best.


App Store and Mac App Store opened new streams of revenue for application makers. Why not make them flow even faster with localized versions of your apps? Some of our lingiusts not only visited „the mothership”, but actually worked on it. If you don't really know where to start, we can help with that too. Android? Windows Mobile? We're not saying no...





Marcom Translation


Technical Translation



Actually, we don't translate press releases, internal communications and other materials – we write them in Polish. In the past, we have translated internal trainings, compliance guides and more for HP, UPS and other companies.

Mobiles, digital cameras, cars and other machinery. User guides, setup guides, manuals, specifications – we have done them all, e.g. for Samsung, Nokia and Renault. 



Because of our extensive experience, several clients trusted us with reviewing translation work done by other vendors. We have e.g. for Microsoft, Novell, Kodak and McAfee. 




So, what dont we do? Some say never to turn down a client, but I would not yet recommend locwize as legal or medical transaltion vendor. 




[1] Wikipedia (access date 22/11/12).