"Quality in, quality out" has been our motto at BT QIQO. Needless to say, we are still driven by it, no exceptions. We realize this commitment on several levels.

The Team

Our translators have proved themselves in various projects over the years. Not only are they excellent linguists, but they also share a passion for their work that makes them attentive to details, proactive and efficient. Any new team members have to pass general computer skills and language tests. Once accepted, they work together with their more experienced colleagues and learn from the constant feedback of their work.


The TMs & PMs

We work with translation memories at all stages of the process. TMs do not add much value in high-volume projects, unless they are properly created, distributed, used and maintained. This is one of the responsibilities of the PM, who is the 'hub' of information, reference and file exchange.


The Tools

In order to maximize consistency and provide the team with up-to-date and concise information, several tools are employed. During the translation process we use an internal file exchange application and project-specific blueboards. After translation is completed the PM liaises with editors on global consistency and terminology checks.


The Process

On request, we are ready to use a three-stage process of translation, proofreading and verification. Each and every translated piece of content is handed off to one of our proofreaders. Upon completion of this stage, all content is merged to a handback-ready form and checked again for spelling, well-formedness, key terminology and layout.